no more escape

Image by Cottonbro

2020 has been a rough year for many of us. Some of us are unable to leave the house and because of this some of us have lost our jobs, our funding for hobbies, access to outdoor and group activities and sadly for others they have lost family members. It’s resulted in each of us, big family or not, spending more time with a dear friend we shouldn’t really be spending any additional time with just to escape what we are living, television.

TV for as long as many of us can remember has been filled with stories that connect with us in comedy, drama and other popular genres. For some it’s an escape and a lighter note to the life they already live by seeing their favorite characters travel, be outside and getting into crazy situations. The classic plots of children sneaking around for a drive, the neighborhood gatherings, the baseball game in the park, the backyard barbecues, chasing the dog because the leash got loose or the family road trip. All of which is now a rarity with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Even though we love the connection with these characters because of what they’re going through, the way we are able to connect with them is not because the events surrounding them. It is what they feel and how we can have similar emotions in different contexts. With the ongoing pandemic it seems that most of the tv shows, the networks and the production companies have forgotten about this and our dear friend TV has been a constant reminder of what we live. Our favorite characters now go through what we go through everyday, they’re in their homes constantly talking about the pandemic and anxious to leave the house just like we are. Multiple series now have the same plots and the same scenes, and instead of creating an escape and a rest of our everyday life it has turned into a COVID-19 prison not only for us but the characters as well.

Many don’t want to be trapped and reminded of what they already live and have been living with for the better part of 9 months. Now this could have been avoided, television shows do not have to be an exact mirror of our current reality. Production companies have access to multiple sets and green screens that can create a different experience for their viewers and give them a different environment other than the one they already live in. And let’s face it, most actors and production assistants do not maintain social distancing with their co-stars. If these production companies are already risking the health of these actors, Shouldn’t they offer a different experience? 

The programming in an attempt to be relatable has turned monotonous and for many it has become boring, where viewers still watch their favorite shows out of loyalty but are not entertained. They’re bored and tired and some don’t even watch anymore while for others it’s a painful reminder of the passing of their family members and friends, it becomes torture. Do these writers and production companies think it’s worth making their viewers watch something they live all day everyday? Do you want to watch something you already live?

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