Km0.2: Puerto Rican art space and workshop tries digital in social distancing times

The year 2020 has brought some unexpected events worldwide and Puerto Rico has not been an exception. Puerto Rico has dealt with multiple events that include earthquakes, power outages and  the event that has affected the entire world, the COVID-19 pandemic also referred to as the “Coronavirus”. The discovery and spread of the virus triggered international shut downs and for the Caribbean island it meant a total shut down with curfews where only essential services were open beginning on March 15th and non essential businesses returning to operations on late July and then again through the end of August. Like many other countries around the world Puerto Rico saw museums and galleries that offered cultural events that include art exhibitions, group and community activities no longer operating and some small local galleries shutting down indefinitely or permanently.

Image by Km0.2 and V21 Artspaces

The few that remained in operation offered virtual experiences for the community, held calls for artists funds and  Km0.2 offered it’s first virtual exhibition titled ‘Primavera Viral”, “Viral Spring” in English, on July 9th of this year. They were able to provide this experience with their website and with the collaboration with V21 Artspaces, a company that documents museums, galleries, exhibitions and spaces through a mixture of innovative laser scanning technology and multimedia including video, 360 video, audio, photography, 360 photography and photogrammetry. All of this resulted in a digital 3-dimensional exact replica of the space which could be accessed by any smartphone and computer. This gave artists, collectors, curators and enthusiasts the opportunity to attend and visit the gallery and observe the work of international artists Adolfo Bimer from Chile, Ana Izquierdo from Peru, Lucía Madriz from Costa Rica, Corbet Fogue from the United States and Raura Oblitas from Peru, all in high resolution images that allowed digital spectator to zoom small details in amazing quality and one you can still access on their website.

Besides creating their own virtual exhibition, Km0.2 also participated in other group exhibitions offered in virtual spaces due to COVID-19. The first being Barcelona, Spain’s SWAB contemporary art fair in its 13th installment which was accessible from October 1st through October 18th of 2020. This fair brings together up to 80 galleries from around the world and included was this local Puerto Rican space with the most recent works of local artists Jotham Malavé, Rogelio Báez, Andre Marcel Pagán and Karlo Andrei Ibarra.

Image by Kunstmatrix

Now, in their third and most recent participation in virtual exhibits this gallery joins six other from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, México, Uruguay and the United States of America in a group presentation titled “Democracy: After all, we are what we do to change who we are” brought together by Art Focus Latinomérica. In this exhibit Km0.2 presents brings forward to represent Fernando Poyón to participate along Miguel Aguirre, Cecilia Barreto, Cristina Castagna, Iván Hurtado, Eugenio Merino, André Penteado, Romy Pocztaruk, Avelino Sala, Pablo Uribe, Alejandro Thorton and Hugo Vidal that are on display in Kunstmatrix’s website since December 10th of this year and will be online for virtual visits through February 28th, 2021. You may explore this exhibit on your own or opt for a guided tour that will place you in front of the first piece you should start with. You will also find a variety of works created using different mediums that include video, prints, ink, sculptural pieces and more.

It is clear that Km0.2 has done everything in their power for in these hard and uncertain time try to continue working not only for themselves but the artists as well. Thanks to this art space and workshop these artists can exhibit their work in a moment where there aren’t many exhibitions available and those that do have reduced traffic and a capacity of visitors, this has allowed them to share their work internationally and continue production.

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