Makerlog: Learning, building and growing together

Makers are people who create, builds or invents something with traditional crafts or technology. Although there are many careers that fall into this category but this tittle over recent years has been dominated by software developers that include those who work with front end, back end, full stack, web, mobile, WordPress and many other types of development. These tech professionals work on computers, if they work inside a company they may get their own office space, if not they work from home, like many freelancers and those that are making their own products or launching their own companies. This can be somewhat lonely, being in a room of your house with no outside interactions for more than 10 hours a day and when you stop working, you’re still in your home. You may say “well there’s social media share what you do there”, but when you’re trying to share your work it can easily get lost between the memes, the video and posts of celebrities and influencers. This creates a gap that prevents makers from interacting with and discovering other makers and learn from what they do and how they do it. That’s where Makerlog comes in.

Makerlog is a web based platform you can access on your computer and or smartphone and it revolves around the idea of logging in your daily project related tasks. By doing this everyday you will earn a little flame symbol which is an indicator of how many consecutive days you have been logging in your tasks, also known within the site as your “streak”, for every 10 days of consecutive logging in these tasks you earn 1 “rest day” which can be taken and doesn’t affect your streak.

This streak approach for documenting work has helped it’s 6,000+ users be more productive, and in the words of many it has made them more “accountable” for the amount of work they accomplish. Their work isn’t only documented by streaks but with an activity bar as well, the fewer tasks you accomplish a day the lighter the color and the more you accomplish the darker.

Makers also have the option to add products they have not launched and those they have as well. Makerlog has also given makers a way to link the completed tasks to their product by assigning hashtags to them and when completing a task using that subsequent hashtag to identify it with the product. After that makers can click on any of their products and will see all the tasks related to it.

Now, How does this maker platform fill the gap when it comes to maker interaction? Firstly the platform lets makers comment on tasks completed by others, many use these comments as an opportunity to encourage other makers and post questions about the process to try and learn more about them and their project or product. Another way is through the websites “Discussions” page, where makers post questions and sometimes announcements to try and open a conversation about a specific topic they would like to discuss with other makers. There’s an incredible variety of topics ranging from suggestions of books, branding, apps, websites, coding language and the monthly favorites “What are you building this month” and “What have you learned this month”. These makers go all out posting comments of varying lengths that may take a while to scroll down to. At the moment there’s much more the Makerlog team wants to add to their platform, a feature they’ll add in the upcoming future is the ability to directly follow other makers and keep track of what they are working on easier. But until then you can enjoy other interesting features that Makerlog has added in their “Stories” page which is divided in culture where makers get to learn about anything cultural related to makers, news where the latest happenings for makers are shared and interviews in which Makerlog every couple of weeks interviews a maker from around the world to share their story, some of them use Makerlog themselves.

Ultimately, this maker platform has brought a growing and supportive community of 6,000 makers closer while improving their productivity and the interactions between them. It’s pretty safe to say that Makerlog will continue to grow successfully because of its team; founder Sergio Mattei who started Makerlog in 2018 while in high school and is the man that codes the site, Héctor Soto their Co-founder and COO who works hand in hand with Mattei on every aspect of the business, the last addition to the team Leilany Casillas who is in charge of the Makerlog blog and lastly the furry Makerlog member and Head of Cats, Monday. They have come together and are determined to grow this community and taking every opportunity to learn from this experience, which has included participating in Grupo Guayacan’s latest startup program EnterPRize 2020 in Puerto Rico. All in all Makerlog is a Puerto Rican tech company that we should keep our eyes on.

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