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So about work… You can say what you want to about a company like Walmart and I do take into account that each person’s experience is different than mine. From mine specially coming from Puerto Rico, the following:

As a hard working 25 year old I have been at Walmart for almost 5 months. This is the first real job I have had since Covid hit on March of last year. And although I do know every store is different I have had a great experience so far.

This week I have started on my second position at my local store, the first being a Setup Associate, for which a team of about 50 and myself remodeled the entire store, in three months. Now I’m a grocery associate mostly doing stocking and auditing inventory from the back.

Now yes it may not seem glamorous, I’m not impacting the world as I was so set out to do a couple of years ago, I do still plan of building my own company and I continue to develop it everyday. Mostly a couple of years ago I was set out to change the world.

I accepted a low paying ($8 p/h) part time job as an industrial designer, even though I have a BFA because I was sure that what I was doing mattered. That the people mentoring me were doing it to help me grow and because they wanted the best for me.

The story is similar to that of when I worked retail at a mall in PR. Everybody pushed me an taught me how to do things because “they saw great potential” in me. Both jobs in PR showed me something very important.

Both were not doing it for me, both were doing it for them. So they could take advantage of me, so i would work harder, grow my potential, learn about everything and remain unchanged. The mall job venden in my resignation and the designer job ended in no comunication, no contract

Both took advantage of me, they didn’t really care what I was doing but what was in it for them. Never really felt appreciated in both jobs, although i tried my best and at the end all the promises of opportunities that were given to me were just ripped off.

I was pushed aside like I didn’t exist, like I didn’t matter, like they got what they wanted and you I can fuck off. They didn’t care even to know how I was doing, they didn’t care about my investment in my work.

My job as a designer was creating things that could change the world, they would disrupt it in some way. I did it for the cause, because I cared about it, my father, if alive could benefit from it. Everything was for the cause.

The cause was killing me. Simply as that. I barely made enough money to survive and even when I gave it my all, even spent my birthday in 8 hour zoom calls, I had nothing to show for it. Just unemployment, anxiety and depression.

Now Walmart comes in as the first employer where I feel I have been appreciated. Front he first week they all saw my potential and it wasn’t like other times. They weren’t just bombarding me with stuff to learn because I’m smart and a quick study.

I have been approached several times by management, leaders and coaches about how to play my cards in the company. How to grow with the company, what should my moves be, what positions should I apply to, how to get noticed. Essentially training me to be successful in the company.

Not to be confused with being a production machine like I was taught in my 11 years of working. Because of the advice my new role is one I chose and because of my drive, focus, passion, ethics and their belief in me it was given to me, without hesitation.

I have to be clear on why when I say “I chose this position and it was given to me…. without hesitation” is so important. This position wasn’t hiring, this position did not have an open position or a secret position available. They were to hire no one for this role.

They had enough people already, there was no need for more and yet here I am with the position. Management did everything in their power to create the position for me and make it available.

And today I was approached again by a leader who gave me more advice on my potential and how to play my cards. I have never been in an environment where people wanted me to succeed, they always wanted the project to succeed and it’s important to know there’s a difference.

We all want our projects to succeed, that is true but for a project to succeed and be successful we have to be successful. It’s you and I that make these things happen, let’s never forget that. This is not only about the cause it’s how we care for the cause.

How we manage and solve the cause but take care of ourselves as well because if we succeed in this our projects will as well. 

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