Something’s Fishy

Straight from the hands of North Carolina’s John Bates is a gold fish like no other. John or “Cheeks” has been working with these cartoon type characters for a couple of years now but recently has decided to jump into a physical product that is loyal to previous sketches and wall art he’s done before.

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About Work

Via Twitter So about work… You can say what you want to about a company like Walmart and I do take into account that each person’s experience is different than mine. From mine specially coming from Puerto Rico, the following: As a hard working 25 year old I have been at Walmart for almost 5

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Bragi und Idun

The first image I came across on my search for an artist with my mother’s maiden name was this image you see above. I first found the image on an art auction website and in its description the following: Artist: Edmund Herger 1860-1906 Title: Bragi und IdunMedium: mixed mediasize: 81 ✗ 114cm (31.9 ✗ 44.9

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Taking on Edmund Herger

Leaving projects unfinished is very common for artists of all kinds. For many it’s the stepping stone that leads to something better or that transforms into something completely different. This means that a the work of a couple days, weeks or even years is left at a standstill. Not to say this is completely voluntary,

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Makerlog: Learning, building and growing together

Makers are people who create, builds or invents something with traditional crafts or technology. Although there are many careers that fall into this category but this tittle over recent years has been dominated by software developers that include those who work with front end, back end, full stack, web, mobile, WordPress and many other types

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Km0.2: Puerto Rican art space and workshop tries digital in social distancing times

The year 2020 has brought some unexpected events worldwide and Puerto Rico has not been an exception. Puerto Rico has dealt with multiple events that include earthquakes, power outages and  the event that has affected the entire world, the COVID-19 pandemic also referred to as the “Coronavirus”. The discovery and spread of the virus triggered

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An old format that keeps on giving

The compact audio cassette tape was first introduced in the late 1960’s, ultimately replacing the 8-track tapes rendering them obsolete. Now more than 50 years later it continues to be popular, mostly among collectors of vintage and rare audio recordings. On the other hand most people do not know that a few companies continue to

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Taking Risks: a fear

Change is one part of life that many people struggle with. When someone says “I don’t like change”, we usually hear it from someone that does not want to take a risk because this person is comfortable in the place they currently find themselves. The possibility and the thought that they could risk everything because

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Bad Education

Attending art school was the result of an amazing high school art teacher. I was pushed to develop abilities I had left behind a few years before going into high school. I polished up my those dusty skills and built up a portfolio that mainly consisted of drawings. To be fully honest I did not

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Closed Minds: A problem in Art students

Being a teenager comes with a lot of feelings of superiority that continue well into their lives after they hit their 20’s. They feel invincible, their ego grows, they want to make their own decisions without knowing anything about the world and always feel they are always night, when most of the time they are

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